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Blizzard mania costs U.S. over $1 billion

boston snow

If you live in bone-chilling Boston, you may be booking a flight to Miami right now. The U.S. economy could use some more sun, too.



"Mania" is a good choice of terms.  The media hypes things to the point of mania.  Take the snow in the Charlotte, NC area.  The media was hyping it to almost Boston Snowstorm like levels, when it will be some sleet, freezing rain, between a dusting and 2 inches of snow, and lots of people too narcissistic to stay home blocking up the roads with crashes.

CNN Money


Those global warmers those earthy complainers sitting down there in their green glass houses in the desert.

They wished this on us all blaming ex President Bush with their ancient ritual of ""chanting snorting and dancing with their minds ""




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