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Jobs report may test market's complacency

A morning commuter carries an umbrella as she passes by the NYSE during a winter storm in New York

The U.S. stock market has been quiet this week - too quiet.



"Bad job numbers next week could derail the market"
Over the last two years, we had a series of headers, "X could derail this market"...X was Ukraine, Israeli-Palestine skirmishes, fear that Israel could bomb Iranian nuke installations and only last week Greece likely getting kicked off EU ...you name it, we had it, but the market shrugged off all of these X's and has kept on going. The reason, the Fed, with its zero interest rate, has made the stock market the only game in town/ it is like having just one casino in Vegas and wondering why its revenue/ profits keep going up.People in the US and overseas are just pouring money into it. With ultra dove Yellen at the helm for the next few years, "Normalization of interest rates" will only be a mirage. Expect Dow 20,000 sooner than any one can imagine! As for me, I am all in with my big pile of chips on the stock market roulette table, would be very foolish not to!


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